Slate & Stone

is a San Francisco based jewelry brand. All pieces are handmade by Sophie Silverstein, who is inspired by geometric shapes, organic textures, and colorful gemstones.

Video by Kristian Parker // Contact: // Follow: @apollowahoo 

A Calling

When Sophie's ancestors immigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States, they had to change their name upon entering the country. It was common for immigrants at this time to choose names based on their occupations; they chose Silverstein, meaning jeweler or silversmith. Sophie has always been drawn to crafts of all kinds, and she believes her passion for jewelry making is tied to an ancestral calling. 

The Jewelry

Sophie’s childhood dream was to become a fashion designer, and her eclectic style has always been an integral part of her identity. Growing up in the bay area, she was surrounded by nature, bright colors, diversity, and the values of authenticity, connection, and expression. 

As she explored her professional path, she became a counselor. While her creative side always influenced her counseling, jewelry is her purest expression of creativity. However, her counseling and jewelry are inextricably linked, as her jewelry is an extension of herself and her desire to listen deeply, empower, and align. 

Each piece is not only decorative, but also a symbol of greater depth for the wearer. This meaning can be ascribed by you, or through conversation about the piece and its process. 

Sophie also does custom jewelry, which emerges from a collaborative design process. She loves hearing your story and imbuing each piece with intention, knowing the metal and stones will symbolize more than their raw components.